Stallion Management

We Offer Full Stallion Services Including:
  • Phantom Training
  • Ground Collection Training (in certain circumstances)
  • Semen Evaluation
  • Extender Testing
  • Frozen Semen
  • Semen Shipping (fresh cooled and frozen)
  • Breeding Season Management
  • Off Season Management

We specialize in training stallions to be quiet and easy to handle and manage. With patience and careful guidance most of the stallions we train and manage can be collected without the presence of a mare. Once trained, it is quite often easy to train their owners to safely collect and process the semen.

We pride ourselves on educating stallions in such a way that they can live quietly and without stress in close proximity to other stallions. We are often complimented on how quiet the stallions are in their stalls and how relaxed they are during the collection process.

We also take stallions that have had prior problems in the collection and shipping process and are able to re-train them to once again be happy and successful.

We have trained a Zebra for semen collection and also freeze semen for White Tail Deer and Elk.

We are further supported by two exceptional veterinarians who specialize in all aspects of equine reproduction.