Mare Management

We Offer Full Mare Management to Include:

  • Mare Care
  • Teasing
  • Heat Cycle Monitoring
  • Coordination with Veterinarian for Diagnoses and Treatment
  • Coordination with Stallion Managers for Semen Orders
  • Artificial Insemination (fresh cooled and frozen semen)
  • Embryo Transfer
  • Foaling

We believe that good mare management begins with keeping the mares healthy and happy. We keep the mares in small groups of similar personalities to insure they are comfortable in a social environment.

We physically tease the mares daily and record their reactions. We work closely with the Veterinarian to insure cultures and/or
biopsies are done.

We carry out all treatments and medications recommended by the veterinarian.

We work closely with stallion managers to insure they are kept updated as to the status of the mare and coordinate semen shipments as necessary.

The mares are handled by experienced staff and the mare is personally attended during ultrasound exams, inseminations and any veterinary procedures.

We accept special need mares and will gladly work closely with mare owners to accommodate their needs.

Embryo transfers are done on a pre-arranged basis. Please contact us directly for information on this service.